5 x Best Beaches in East Coast of Sri Lanka

Last Updated On December 02, 2022

Are you a beach bum looking for the ideal tan? Or are you thinking about taking a trip to the east coast to relax on the beach? Whatever the reason, here are some of the most desired and gorgeous beaches in Sri Lanka.

1. Kalkudah

A palm-fringed 2-kilometer-long beach with fine white sand. Visitors to the beach can experience a great combination of exhilaration and relaxation. Simply lying in a hammock and taking in the breathtaking view, sipping an energizing drink while listening to the beat of the waves, taking an evening stroll with a gorgeous sunset in the background, or diving immediately into the tranquil waters for a swim are all options.

The sea at Kalkudah beach is shallow (approximately knee-deep) and protected by an offshore reef. If isolation and a relaxing day at the beach are on your schedule, come to Kalkudah Beach.

2. Pasikudah

Pasikudah has become a tourist destination since the war, thanks to the establishment of numerous resorts and hotels to stimulate tourism. Pasikudah beach is well-known for having one of the most extended stretches of the shallow reef in the world, allowing visitors to walk further into the ocean. Compared to other beaches in Sri Lanka, the current is relatively low. There are numerous places to stay in Pasikudah, but choose one close to the beach.

3. Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Photo by Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash

A trip to Arugam Bay, widely regarded as one of the world's top 10 surf destinations, is a must-do in Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay is a surfing place for everyone, from advanced to the novice. Bring out your inner explorer.

4. Marble beach

Marble beach, located near Kinniya Bridge (the longest bridge on the island), is a peaceful place to spend time with family.
Do you know how it earned its name? The golden sand reflects a marble-like texture when the sun shines straight on the beach.
The Sri Lankan Air Force maintains it. If you appreciate nature, take a trip to Diamond Hill and enjoy a breathtaking view of Trinco Bay from the summit.

Along the trip, one can see the remains of the Second World War. Marble Beach on Sri Lanka's East Coast provides guests a tranquil getaway, from a beach escape to getting closer to nature.