15 x Best Beaches in Philippines

Last Updated On June 20, 2023

The Philippines' beaches are famed all over the world for their beauty. The Philippines is a beach and water baby's dream, with thousands of kilometers of coastline sprinkled with volcanic rocks and a warm tropical temperature year-round. These beaches have lengths of white sand, pure blue sea, limestone cliffs, and stunning lagoons that will take your breath away.

El Nido, Philippines, El Nido is a Philippine municipality on Palawan island. It’s known for white-sand beaches and coral reefs.

Photo by Eibner Saliba on Unsplash

The beaches in the Philippines are diverse, and each beach provides something unique that will spice up your trip. You may find it all here, whether you desire hip and happening beaches with parties and activity all around or a peaceful, serene area where you can spend some alone time undisturbed by the crowd.

Explore the beaches to your heart's content, diving into the sea and exploring the coral reefs filled with shoals of colorful fish, and tanning on the pure white sand. Here is the list of best beaches in the Philippines, each of which exudes a distinct feel that draws different types of beachgoers.

1. El Nido

Because of its "exceptional natural grandeur and environment," El Nido in Palawan is one of the Philippines' most fabulous beaches and island destinations. There are over 50 white sand beaches on the island, five types of forests, three primary marine ecosystems, and several bird species. The water is also teeming with marine life, including dolphins and dugongs, over 100 varieties of coral, and about 1,000 different types of fish.

El Nido is also the Philippines' largest marine reserve and sanctuary, with a total area of 903.21 square kilometers. It is one of the most diversified ecosystems in the country, with protected flora and animals. The months of December through March are ideal for a visit because the weather is pleasant and dry, and there are fewer visitors. Be prepared for more tourists and high prices if you travel during Holy Week or high season (April and May).

2. Siargao

Siargao is so stunning and fascinating, and you must see it in person at least once in your life. Siargao, famous as the Philippines' Surfing Capital, has great waves and swells all year. Over the years, it has grown from a southern surfing capital to an all-around beach retreat, even for tourists. Restaurants and hotels abound in General Luna's major business district. 

3. Subic Beach, Sorsogon

Subic Beach in Sorsogon, another Philippine beach with pinkish-white sand, is a must-add to your beach itinerary in the country. Its stunning blue seas and unspoiled white sand beach provide visitors with a tranquil retreat.

The beach is separated into two sections: Subic Laki (Big Beach), where most of the accommodations are located, and Subic Liit (Small Beach), which is available but perfect for a swim or a quiet stroll among the rows of trees.

4. Caramoan

Caramoan Islands, located on the lower east side of Camarines Sur, is a 4,000-hectare limestone forest that rises over deep water and white sand beaches. Despite being the setting for multiple Survivor series episodes, the Caramoan islands are almost unspoiled and unknown to both local and foreign visitors.

5. General Luna

6. Nacpan

7. Cebu

8. Boracay

9. Alona Beach

Alona Beach is around 1.5 kilometers long, located on Bohol's Panglao Island. It is well-known for its white sandy beaches, beautiful blue waters, and world-class diving. The shoreline is lined with bars, restaurants, and open-air massage facilities, which is where the activity is.

Alona Beach is an excellent area to people-watch and party. You can go diving or snorkeling during the day. Alona gets more lively when food booths and live bands take over the shore in the evening.

10. The Island Buenavista

11. Southern Negros

Negros Island, located near Cebu, is the philiphines' fourth largest island. At first, the island's indigenous called it Buglas, but Spaniards renamed it after meeting the dark-skinned Ati locals. Endless experiences await you here, from Sipalay's white sand beach and floating hills to Apo Island's coral gardens and turtles to Siquijor's friendly wizards and folklore-rich beaches.

12. Pagudpud

13. Paradise Beach

14. Dumaluan Beach

On Panglao Island, the most well-known beach is Alona Beach, but many consider Dumaluan beach as Island's best beach. The water is tranquil and relatively low, making it ideal for families traveling with children. The beach is clean and big, and resorts border it, so you'll have plenty of places to relax with a fine dinner or a cool cocktail. 

While there is a public area, tourists can also access it for a small price through some resorts and rent out one of their beach houses, among other facilities. The public beach area is popular among locals and can get crowded on weekends, so consider spending a little extra to access the private resort beachfront for a more relaxed stay.

15. Buhatan Beach

Buhatan Beach is home to a Spanish Shipwreck site 9 meters below the water's surface in Albay, Philippines. Numerous tour companies offer snorkeling and diving tours, but you should have prior diving expertise if you want to see this wreck site. Sunbathing, swimming, and water sports are regular activities on the beach.