Little Adam's Peak

Last Updated On December 03, 2022

Little Adam's Peak, located in the Ella town center, is one of Ella's most popular mountains. Although it does not represent a considerable challenge to hikers because the trail is not very arduous, the view from the summit is said to be rather stunning. 

Because of their similar shapes, Ella's Little Adam's Peak takes its name from its famous big brother, Adam's Peak. Little Adam's Peak height is 1141m from the sea level. It is a hike suitable for all fitness levels and may easily be included in your Ella itinerary. After hiking Little Adam's Peak, head to the neighboring Nine Arch Bridge to catch a sight of the first train crossing the iconic bridge.

What You Can Expect

The trail to the mountain's summit is easily accessible, as it is only a kilometer from the Ella town. After passing through the green gates, you will come to a concrete stairwell. The trek to the summit is straightforward, but be aware that it can become jam-packed. The top is 1141 meters high and can be reached in about an hour. The walk will take you past lush green Ceylon Tea farms, where you may see tea pluckers at work. When you arrive at the summit, you will be greeted with breathtaking views of the hill region, including the Ella Gap, Ella Rock, and Ravana Ella (waterfall).

How to get to Little Adam's Peak

The trailhead is roughly 1.5 kilometers walk from Ella's main strip. There are two starting points for your climb to Little Adam's Peak. Both have the same entry point; however, one begins among tea plantations, and the other does not.

At 98 Acres Resort, the first is about a 10-minute scooter ride from Ella. You must enter the premises and turn left down a path. After a few moments, you'll notice the entrance gate to Little Adam's Peak. You can park your scooter and start your hike from here. You can also begin at Ella Flower Garden Resort, just down the road. Park your scooter at the entrance and follow the Little Adam's Peak signs. This path winds through tea farms before arriving at the entry gate near 98 Acres Resort. The Little Adam's Peak walk had no entry fee, which was excellent.

Best time to visit the Little Adam’s Peak

Early in the morning is the best time to climb since you can enjoy the dawn and the view of the valley from the summit. The sunset is stunning, but it just takes a few moments for fog to conceal the entire round.

Little Adam's Peak Hike

Hiking the Little Adam's Peak is enjoyable because there are many stairs, and the path is well-defined and easy to follow. You can see the tea pluckers picking tea leaves in flair and humility and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding. But you may need to spin your head fully 360 degrees because there are many great things to observe. Along a zig-zag path, Little Adams Peak hike time is roughly 35-45 minutes. Little Adam's peak is an excellent location for watching the sunrise because it provides a panoramic view of the entire scene.

Ella Rock Or Little Adam’s Peak?

Are you debating whether to trek Ella Rock or Little Adam's Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka? Both of these walks begin just outside the touristy resort of Ella, and while they share some similarities, their hiking itineraries are vastly different.