Nine Arches Bridge

Last Updated On June 20, 2023

The Nine Arch Bridge, constructed by the British in 1921, stands proudly as a tribute to the engineering and architectural excellence of the early twentieth century. Ideally located between the Ella and Demodara railway stations, travelers who choose to walk along the bridge will be treated to views of rolling hills and deep vegetation.

The Nine Arch Bridge, often known as the "Bridge in the Sky," was constructed to connect two marsh mountains when building the railway connecting Badulla to Colombo. This bridge is 300 feet long, 80-100 feet tall, and 25 feet wide. It is one of the country's outstanding instances of colonial-era railway building. The bridge is 2 kilometers away on Gotuwala road, beginning at Halpe Textile Centre on Badulla Bandarawela road. Because of the bridge's architectural brilliance and the abundant vegetation on the adjoining hillsides, the surrounding area has seen steady growth in visitors.

The best time to go would arguably be when the locomotives come barreling along. Thus it is vital to verify the train schedule ahead of time. However, bring your trusty camera with you so that you may capture every scene that unfolds before you.