16 x Best Places to Visit in New Jersey

Last Updated On September 10, 2022

Despite being the nation's most densely populated state, New Jersey is widely recognized for its bustling seaside towns and abundance of natural features. While heavily industrialized and urbanized, its nickname "The Garden State" still holds because more than a quarter of its land is covered in virgin farms and fields.

Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Photo by Joey Pedras on Unsplash 

It is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and is bounded by New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. While lush river valleys run through the state, the untamed Appalachian Mountains lay to the north, and the vast Pine Barrens forests cover a significant portion of its acreage. Aside from the Delaware River and Delaware Bay, New Jersey has a stunning stretch of Atlantic Ocean coastline with Jersey Shore's incredible white sand beaches throughout the entire length.

1. Passaic River Great Falls

2. Allaire State Park

A trip through the Allaire State Park will provide you with history and beauty, as it is well recognized for its 19th-century iron-making remains and vintage steam train. The Manasquan River meanders through the park, where you can canoe and fish.

The park consists of over 200 different flowers and plant life, the natural beauty of which will take your breath away. There are numerous guided hiking paths where you can marvel at the beauty of birds and other creatures in their natural environment.

3. Hoboken, New Jersey

4. Parsippany

5. Clinton

6. Princeton

Princeton is a culturally rich city recognized for its impressive landmarks, beautiful parks, and charming old-time retail villages. A vast range of museums, globally famous music, and theatrical acts keep all visitors entertained.

7. Ocean Grove

8. The Paterson Great Falls

If you enjoy the feeling that a majestic body of water generates, you'll enjoy Paterson Great Falls. This lovely waterfall is open to the public all year. In addition to the Falls, the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park app is available for download. 

You can use this app to take a self-guided tour of the Falls and learn more about their incredible history. It's a fantastic tour for history buffs and a wonderful location for nature lovers.

9. Edgemont Park

10. Delaware Water Gap

Check out the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area if you're seeking outdoor activities in New Jersey. There's something for everyone's outdoor interests on 67,000 acres of forested mountains, riverine valleys, and fertile floodplains.

Paddle the Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River for 40 kilometers. Hike through the forest, along ridges, and up to mountaintops with views of the 1,000-foot-deep Water Gap.

11. Point Pleasant Beach

Point Pleasant Beach will always retain a special place in my heart. As children, my friends and I were routinely taken to this beach, and we looked forward to it! Jenkinson's Boardwalk is the most popular spot. It has arcade games, delicious beach food, and even an aquarium.

12. Wildwood

13. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is recognized as New Jersey's entertainment capital, where visitors may enjoy a variety of gaming options. This bustling and colorful city has something for everyone all year long. Guests can walk down the iconic Boardwalk, which is located on the Jersey Shore and features attractions, games, world-class restaurants, and pubs.

14. Barnegat Lighthouse

15. Seaside Heights

16. Spring Lake