12 x Best Places To Visit In Saudi Arabia

Last Updated On June 22, 2023

Muslims worldwide refer to it as the "Holy Land," but it's rarely mentioned in travel warnings. A culturally rich land with destinations that are underestimated and virtually unknown to people living outside the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is one of the Middle East's most distinctive countries. Until recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not actively promote international tourism.

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Although visitors other than pilgrims were permitted to visit, many tourists purposefully avoided the country due to Saudi government restrictions. But now, Saudi Arabia is ready to host visitors and tell the world about its remarkable history. Tourists are welcome to enjoy the wonders of Saudi Arabia, from the sunny Tiran Island to the historic Mount Uhud, just as any local would. The following are the top places to visit in Saudi Arabia.

1. Kaaba

The Kaaba, formerly a refuge in pre-Islamic times, is now a cubical building, unlike the other holy structure. It is around 15 meters long and has gold doors. It was added in 1982, and pilgrims completed the trek using various forms of conveyance. The renovations to the structure and its mosque provide a reminder of how frequently scared buildings are restored and remodeled over time. It is a must-see attraction in Saudi Arabia.

2. Al Masmak Palace

The 150-year-old Al Masmak Palace, located in the center of Saudi Arabia's largest metropolis, Riyadh, operates as a museum showing various historical items, works of art, weapons, maps, and other exhibits of Saudi history. Built-in 1865, this old palace has fulfilled several functions, including military service. When King Abdul Aziz's armies took control of Riyadh and unified the country in 1902, they conquered the castle.

The stronghold is a proud symbol of the Saudi monarchy regaining control of Riyadh, making it an ideal location to display traces of Saudi history and roots. This museum's exhibits include images from the early twentieth century, pieces of art, and audiovisual presentations. Visitors to the museum can also view a documentary about the kingdom regaining control of the citadel.

3. Mount Uhud

4. Skyscrapers of the Kingdom

5. King Fahd’s Fountain

6. National Museum

7. Yellow Lake

The yellow lake is a few natural water sources in Saudi Arabia's dry terrain. The lake spans 12 kilometers across the dunes. Discover the magnificence of Al Ahsa's mysterious yellow lake, one of Saudi Arabia's most distant attractions, with no roads leading to its origin. The best thing you can do is hire a guide and explore its mystical beauty, as the roads can be confusing, and it is easy to get lost. A four-wheel drive vehicle is the only way to get to the lake in the middle of nowhere. But keep in mind that you may lose contact with the rest of the world if no signals are available.

8. Tiran Island

9. Dammam

Dammam, Saudi Arabia, has a population of 530,543 people, making it the third most populous city in Saudi Arabia. Dammam Governorate's capital is the Dammam, which is 38 meters above sea level. Its land area is less than 1,500 km2 (570 sq mi). The rich culture and fascinating sights enthrall many individuals. Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is home to several historic homes created by great architects, museums, and rare antiquities.

10. Masjid al-Haram

Masjid Al Haram, also named the Holy Mosque or Haram Mosque, is the world's biggest mosque and the eighth largest edifice. It is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 'Masjid Al Haram' translates as 'The Sacred Mosque.' It is so named because it surrounds the Kaaba, Islam's most important and holiest shrine, and Masjid Al Haram is Islam's most important mosque and a pilgrimage place for Muslims.

Every year, millions of worshippers from all around the world visit there. The mosque is currently under the administration of Saudi Arabia's King.

11. Red Sea Mall

12. Farasan Islands