15 x Best Places to Visit in Vietnam 2022

Last Updated On December 02, 2022

Vietnam, a long, narrow country wedged between the South China Sea and the borders of Laos and Cambodia, is a land of striking landscapes ranging from the lush rice terraces and forested mountains of the north to the picturesque valleys of the Central Highlands and the fertile delta and beautiful beaches of the south.

Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills, Vietnam, Da Nang

Photo by Andreea Popa on Unsplash

Vietnam has had its fair share of difficulties. In the nineteenth century, Vietnam was a French protectorate after being ruled for nearly a thousand years by successive Chinese dynasties until 938 AD. There was the Vietnam War following independence. Vietnam is a proud country now, and it's easy to see why. Not only for courageously preserving its autonomy but also for its breathtaking landscapes and history.

When people think of Vietnam, the first thing that comes to mind is Halong Bay, a stunning collection of karst islands and formations on the country's northern coast. Hanoi is the capital's hustling, motorbike-riding atmosphere. With this list of the finest locations to visit in Vietnam, you can plan your vacation to this gorgeous Southeast Asia travel destination.

1. Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is a stunning natural beauty in northern Vietnam, close to the Chinese border. The Bay is around 1,500 square kilometers and is lined with 1,600 limestone islands and islets. In 1994, UNESCO designated this exceptional area as a World Heritage Site. 

The majority of the bay's islands and karst limestone pillars are unoccupied and undisturbed by human activity. This location feels like something out of a movie to many visitors. The fact is that Ha Long Bay is home to a diverse spectrum of wildlife, and the surrealistic environment has served as the magical background to several feature film scenes.

2. Cham Island

Cham Islands, a group of eight small islets off the coast of Hoi An, has earned a reputation as one of the most tranquil Vietnam traveler destinations. It has also gained popularity due to its designation as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

The area is rich in natural beauty and marine biodiversity and is an ideal spot for scuba diving, snorkeling, and water sports. Spend the night on these unspoiled islands for a true nature escape.

3. Sapa Countryside

Sapa, one of the best tourist destinations in Vietnam, is high in the mountains. The best way to reach Sapa is via bus or rail from Hanoi. Both involve a lengthy journey of approximately 8 hours. Hiking is one of the most well-known activities in Sapa. The vistas of the green rice terraces are breathtaking, and varying difficulty levels depend on your fitness level. 

4. Ti Top Island

Ti Top beach on Ti Top island is a small crescent-shaped beach known for its tranquil ambiance, white sands, and clear waters suitable for swimming and snorkeling. On the island, there is a restaurant and bar where you can eat fresh fish, drink beer, and purchase water sports equipment. The beach is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

5. Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is one of Vietnam's most beautiful natural areas, with a diversified ecosystem and various activities. People come here to enjoy the many walks around the national park's hills and caverns, such as Dinh Kim Gial and Ao Each. Mangrove forests, lagoons, tidal flats, lakes, and a diverse diversity of flora and wildlife can all be found here.

6. Phong Nha

If you're searching for a bit of adventure in Vietnam, the country's cave region has been rapidly gaining prominence, and Phong Nha, home to the world's largest cave, the Son Doong Cave, is a must-see.

Phong Nha is one of the few destinations on this list that is still considered off the beaten path in Vietnam, and for a good reason. The place is exceedingly secluded, with nothing but rice terraces and sandstone mountains surrounding it.

7. Hai Phong

Hai Phong is northern Vietnam's principal port and economic and industrial center. It is the country's third most populated metropolis and a gorgeous city with a colonial feel. Near provinces are Thai Binh to the south, Quang Ninh to the north, and Hai Duong to the west. The 100-kilometer travel from Hanoi takes only a few hours.

8. My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is a historic ruin dating from the 4th to the 13th century CE. It is located about an hour away from Hoi An. You can visit the isolated ruin on a day trip or as part of an organized tour of the old town. My Son Sanctuary is an excellent example of the artistry of the Champa Kingdom, which ruled this portion of Vietnam in the 4th century.

9. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of Vietnam's best beach resorts and an absolute must for anyone searching for a low-cost beach vacation in Vietnam. Spend your days relaxing on Tran Phu Beach or taking a dive in the South China Sea. 

10. Da Nang

Da Nang has evolved from a transit hub to a worthy Vietnam destination. Da Nang is well worth visiting, as it has a long coastline, lovely beaches, and fantastic bridges. Da Nang is a rare site that can provide beach and mountain experiences.

11. Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay, a wonderful island, is one of the less known and untouched beachside sites to visit in Vietnam. Every attraction on the island is beautiful and deserves a visit, from the turquoise blue waves to the white-sand beaches and the lush surroundings.

12. Hà Giang

Ha Giang Province in Vietnam's far north is among the most rewarding destinations. Ha Giang is a remote, harsh mountainous landscape characterized by limestone karsts and deep valleys.

High-elevation highways with hairpin turn connect tiny towns and villages where ethnic minorities in Vietnam attend weekly food markets. Hiking between villages via stacked rice terraces and buckwheat fields is one of the best things to do in Ha Giang.

13. Pu Luong Nature Reserve

The Pu Luong Nature Reserve is another gorgeous area to explore in Vietnam, with a diverse mix of flora and wildlife. It is located in Northwest Thanh Hoa and is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking natural surroundings.

The park enchants adventurers and environment lovers with its rice terraces, verdant woodland, romantic waterfalls, ethnic cottages, and friendly residents. 

14. Ho Chi Minh City

It's difficult to believe that the enormous, sophisticated metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City was once a modest fishing village surrounded by dense trees. Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, southern Vietnam's economic and commercial center, is the country's most populous city.

Ho Chi Minh City, often known by its evocative older name of Saigon, preserves a maintained air of its French colonial legacy in its ancient sections while exhibiting the vibrant modern vibes of a cutting-edge Vietnam.

15. Dau Be Island

Dau Be Island, located in the southwestern part of Ha Long Bay, is 500 meters east of Hang Trai Island and 28 kilometers from Bai Chay Cruise Port. It is part of an archipelago in the bay outside Ha Long Bay. The island has a total size of 22 863 m2 and a maximum elevation of 139 meters. The steep island cliffs act as walls to protect the island from the waves crashing into the Gulf from the east.