8 x Things to do in Armidale, Australia

Last Updated On December 02, 2022

Visit Armidale's historic railway station, which was erected in 1882 and is now a Railway Museum, while you're there. This structure, which incorporates beautiful chimneys and moldings, celebrates the men who built the Great Northern Railway.

University of New England, Australia, Wet day in spring. Elm Avenue, University of New England UNE

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The stationmaster's house was also saved and is now home to an Aboriginal Cultural Centre. You can also go to the New England Regional Art Museum, which is a free regional gallery.

1. Waterfall Way

This 185-kilometer route takes you through some of the most breathtaking scenery you'll ever see. You could spend at least two hours driving down it, but it could also lead you to any of the seven national parks that dot the area.

2. Dangars Falls

Dangars Falls is a massive single-drop waterfall that cascades into an enormous gorge and is certainly one of the most magnificent waterfalls in NSW. It's close to, but not on, the Waterfall Way. Therefore it gets fewer visitors than spots like Ebor Falls and Dangar Falls.

3. Visit the New England Regional Art Museum

After a day of exploring the countryside, relax in the region's second-largest art collection. This museum houses about 5000 pieces of Australian art, some of which span from the late 1800s to the present day. You'll need some time to admire each piece, as it's divided into six galleries.

4. Wollomombi Falls

It's another waterfall, but Wollomombi Falls is not to be missed. It's one of the most dramatic in Australia, with two waterfalls cascading into the gorge. It's difficult to understand the grandeur, and visiting the gorge even if the falls weren't running would be worthwhile.

5. Saints Mary and Joseph Catholic Cathedral

An architectural masterpiece, Saints Mary and Joseph Catholic Cathedral is a historical place worthy of visiting in Armidale. The cathedral was built in 1911 as the headquarters of the Catholic Diocese of Armidale to serve the developing religious community. The cathedral is a marvel to visit and is part of the distinctive Armidale municipal skyline.

Armidale is a fantastic city that caters to all tastes and interests. There is so much to do in Armidale, so make sure to arrange your trip to incorporate all of the excellent sights, culture, and flavors the city offers.

6. Saumarez Homestead

The National Trust owns and operates this 10-hectare plot, a heritage-listed homestead. You can have a guided tour of the gorgeous and historic main home, which still has its original furnishings, and then roam through the gardens. It's a unique look at rural life in the late 1800s that's well worth seeing.

7. Aboriginal Rock Paintings

The Aboriginal rock painting site at Mount Yarrowyck Nature Reserve is very beautifully preserved, with what I initially mistook for emu prints and eggs. Brush turkey trails, apparently, and the red ochre paint has held up quite nicely.

8. Explore the Armidale Heritage

If you enjoy history and tradition, arrange a guided heritage tour of Armidale. Allow the energetic tour guides to take you on a personal journey through Armidale's history. The trips visit the New England Regional Art Museum, the Armidale Railway Museum, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, and the historic Booloominbah Homestead at the University of New England, among other places.