Explore Spain

Thanks to its beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine, active nightlife, and boisterous fiestas, Spain is one of Europe's best getaways. Because Spain is made up of various autonomous regions and islands, it has some of the continent's most diverse cultures and landscapes. Spain provides a wide array of geographical differences and cultural diversity.

With its Royal Palace, glittering plazas, and active nightlife, Madrid is one of Spain's most visited cities, while Barcelona, with its Gothic Quarter, unique architecture, magnificent beaches, and the world's largest football stadium, is another. The vibrant cities of Seville, Cordoba, and Granada in Andalusia are not to be missed.

It is impossible to see all of Spain's beautiful attractions in a single holiday. Therefore, visitors are advised to base themselves in one location and visit famous places on day trips. The Palacio Real in Madrid, the sumptuous residence of the Spanish Royal family, and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Antonio Gaudi's unfinished masterwork, are two of the country's most popular tourist sites.