Explore Egypt

Egypt is the world's oldest tourism destination, with a rich history dating back to the start of civilization. For thousands of years, tourists have been captivated by the African nation's awe-inspiring temples and pyramids. Egypt's scenery is equally captivating. The country is a vast desert separated by the Nile River, which runs from the country's southern border via Cairo and into the Mediterranean Sea. The lush Nile Valley is home to most of the country's 84 million people.

Egypt's strategic position is one of the reasons why, despite its history of warfare and political turmoil, the country has survived for millennia. Egypt, which Libya surrounds, Sudan, Israel, the Gaza Strip, and the Mediterranean and Red Seas, welcomes exploration from all sides. The magnificent Giza Pyramids outside of Cairo are the country's most recognizable sights, but there are several ancient sites to see up and down the Nile.

Visitors may marvel at Tutankhamen's riches in the Cairo Museum, see the Great Temple of Ramesses II in Aswan, and stroll among the colonnades of Karnak in Luxor. Egypt's past is constantly present, from ancient Alexandria to the Valley of the Kings. Although most visitors to Egypt come to see the historical sites, natural features also draw visitors. The Red Sea coastline is famous for its coral reefs and beach resorts such as Sharm el-sheik and Hurghada.

Visitors can reach a delightful freshwater spring oasis by trekking through the Sahara. Visitors will have beautiful experiences wherever their excursions in Egypt take them. Egypt stimulates all senses, whether it's shopping for aromatic spices in a local souq, experiencing Egyptian cuisines like Tamaya and Ful, or hearing morning calls to prayer vibrating across a large city.