Explore Greece

It's no surprise that Greece ranks among the best travel destinations in Europe, with its abundance of ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, outstanding cuisine, and a welcoming environment. Greece is full of a mountainous mainland and hundreds of islands, each with breathtaking scenery, historical attractions, nightlife scenes, and cultural delights.

Many visitors prefer to start their journey on the mainland, home to the capital city, Athens. One of the world's oldest cities, Athens is famous for its classic ruins and temples, including the magnificent Parthenon complex. Beyond Athens, some of the most famous Greek Islands are Santorini, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, and Mykonos.

Santorini is a popular destination for weddings, honeymoons, and romantic holidays because of its volcanic scenery, magnificent sunsets, and cliff-hanging settlements. One of the largest islands, Crete has a plethora of hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and beautiful remains such as the old Knossos Palace. Corfu has a diverse culture and legacy and beautiful beaches, and a blend of ancient and modern attractions. Rhodes is great for strolling through medieval towns, while Mykonos is the place to party.